"The new action film The Guardian, starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher, has a music link to Indiana. Singer/songwriter Tad Robinson sang and co-wrote a song that appears in the film.

Kutcher plays a hotshot Coast Guard recruit under the thumb of a legendary career guardsman (Costner). The scene is early in the film where Kutcher’s character tries to pick up a girl in a bar. As they start talking, the song “Hold Tight” is heard. A full verse and chorus and another part of the chorus is heard in the scene. The song (written by Robinson, Richie Davis and Chris Cameron) appears in the film’s credits and will appear on the film’s soundtrack, released by Hollywood Records.  

Robinson attended an advanced screening of the film at AMC Clearwater last Wednesday evening. One film attendee, also a fan of Robinson, asked him to sign her movie pass — you know, those bookmark-sized passes that get you into free movies.

“Andy [Andrew Davis] has directed a good film,” Robinson remarked. “Very exciting, very suspenseful for me. Plus, I was surprised there was a lot of music going on. My song is used to set the mood of the scene very well.”

This marks the third time Robinson has collaborated with The Guardian director Andrew Davis, best known for The Fugitive. The connection began when Davis’ brother Richie played guitar on Robinson’s One To Infinity (Delmark) in 1994. Robinson was a daily staple of the Chicago blues scene in the 1980s. Richie Davis is a member of The Chicago Catz, an R&B/soul/funk band in Chicago whose name appears in The Guardian (which features saxman and Andrew Davis film regular Gene Barge and sassy singer Bonnie Bramlett of Delaney & Bonnie fame).

“Andy loves music in his films and he likes to spread the wealth around with his friends in Chicago. When Andy was making Under Siege and they needed a band, Richie recommended me,” Robinson said.

Robinson appeared as a terrorist in musician’s clothing in Under Siege. In the film, a terrorist group (led by Tommy Lee Jones) disguised as a blues band (Bad Billy & The Bail Jumpers) invades a Navy battleship.

“Andy needed a singer/harmonica player. His brother recommended me and has been in my corner ever since. I actually got to shoot an uzi in the film and be part of the mayhem (laughs). You know the funny thing about that film? You never see my character get killed. I should have been in the sequel,” Robinson laughed.

One of Robinson’s songs, “The Sands Of Time,” appears in a restaurant scene in the 1998 thriller A Perfect Murder with Michael Douglas, Gwyenth Paltrow and Viggo Mortensen. “It’s a nice sentimental vibe. The song is an afterthought and it’s played on one of those imaginary movie jukeboxes you never see.”

OK, when do the big checks come rolling in?

“I’m a member of ASCAP,” said Robinson, “so there’s quarterly checks domestically and for foreign [distribution]. A lot of it depends on DVD sales and TV broadcasts. A film could do OK here in the States and be big in Europe or in Asia. Sometimes the checks are big and sometimes they’re small. We call them ‘Hello Checks.’ They wind up in your mailbox and you say, ‘Hello.’”

See Movies, pg. 25, for a review of The Guardian.



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