Spring Premiere featuring Alexey Terenin, Susan Hall, Charles Walker

"Understanding" by Alexey Terenin

4 stars -- Evan Lurie


In Moscow-based

Alexey Terenin's oil painting "Another Story," a boy and a girl in togas stand

on either side of a double-headed serpent. The colors of the composition are

mostly muted grays, browns, and flesh tones. Even the apples in the girl's arms

seem washed out in terms of color. The style seems evocative of Roman frescos

scoured by weathering or volcanic ash. (The symbolism, however, is biblical).

The paintings of Chicago-based Susan Hall are also muted, painted over inlaid

fabric patterns. "Second Self" skillfully portrays two standing

figures—Hall's fraternal twin as seen from different angles—with

the faces in profile. With its monochromatic palette in shades of green,

overlaid with a brown sheen that brings out the subjects' skin tone, your eye

is drawn to the essential elements of light and shadow in the composition.

North Carolina-based Charles Walker's abstract work, in contrast to the others'

here, is colorful. His work features what are essentially bars of varicolored

acrylic paint on canvas. But the title to a series of his paintings, "The Last

Picture Show," references a classic movie filmed entirely in black and white.

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Arts Editor

Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.