SPOTLIGHT Artists Gallery Exhibit

Sculpture by Pat Mack at Clowes Hall.

3 stars

Clowes Hall

One thing that

occurred to me as I walked through the Clowes Lobby, looking at the art in this

exhibit, is that there are a bewildering number of choices that confront an

artist in terms of choosing the appropriate media. This can be a good thing if

the media the artist chooses helps her achieve her vision. Vandra Pentecost's

"Autumn's Remembrance of Spring" shows a young woman in profile, in a

contemplative pose and in a natural setting. She is drawn in red

ink—using computer technology—in a style that evokes the tradition

of Japanese printmaking. With this and her other work on display here,

Pentecost is largely successful in translating her vision into compelling

prints. The work of Larry Ladig is not quite so successful. His perfectly

fine photograph "Tea House," printed on acetate adhered to canvas, has bubbles

and cracks that result from this process. The fact that these effects are

intentional doesn't make them any less distracting. Through May 24; 317-



Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.

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