Spawn: New Work by Carla Knopp

"Sweet Breezy" by Carla Knopp




Gallery at the Harrison Center for the Arts


"Ripwreath," and "Bride Thing," are some of the more interesting

titles/coinages in this show of Carla Knopp's new paintings. "Bride Thing" is

Knopp's depiction of a sort of wedding bouquet with greenish leaves and towers

of red eyeball-like things protruding from it against a flesh-colored

background. It's not exactly the kind of thing you'd want to see at your

wedding but you have to at least admire the craftsmanship behind it. Knopp's

new paintings are on planes of wood (in oil, sometimes with acrylic added) that

she shaped and sanded herself. She takes full advantage of the shapes of her

wood surfaces, ovals and pentagons among them, to frame her intuitive

compositions. While Knopp may be, in her words, "borrowing from the accidental

aesthetics of thrift store art," she nevertheless betrays her mastery of color

theory with sometimes harmonious and sometimes jarring combinations, often in

the same painting. It is Knopp's intertwining of intuition and craft—as

seamless as her conceptual conglomerations of seemingly disparate

things—that make this a show not to miss. Through May 1; 317-396-3886,


Arts Editor

Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.