Four and a half stars

Post Road Recreation Center, 4700 N. Post Road

Screamers takes great pride in being utterly unique, with every one of its gruesome creations being a fully formed design of its own, not based on recycling tropes from classic film or TV horror. And it certainly succeeds on that front, with something new around every corner. Screamers does a great job in upending the expected, to the point that when you’re walking down a creepy hallway, you’re not even sure what side the horror in general is going to come from, let alone which particular door hides the Creepy Jumpy Guy. It caught me off guard quite a bit, and that’s always a pleasure in a genre that’s too often mediocre. I particularly liked their creative use of frothing, bubbling blood and toxic waste vomit. (Not a lot of times in the year you can write THAT phrase!) To be honest, Screamers feels a little short, especially compared to some of the mammoth labyrinths out there, but what it lacks in length, it certainly makes up in style. Through Oct. 31; $12;

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