Review: 3X3 at Herron

"WhereIam: Griffith," by Daniel Jolliffe, is part of the new exhibit at Herron.

4.5 stars

Herron School of Art and Design; through April 16

"Is there such a thing as a discreet object if all

matter is continuous?" William Dennisuk seems to ask with his sculptural

installations Penumbra, Adumbrate and Tracery.

In these works, great vases made of iron rebar are made oblique by plexiglass

casing, such that the position of the object within its surroundings is


Daniel Jolliffe's work broaches a related question:

'How do we position ourselves in ever-changing surroundings?' WhereIam:

Griffith is a live-action video

projection of three men standing in a landscape pointing into the sky and

constantly shifting their position. We learn that they are digitally controlled

to point out real satellites hovering outside the Herron Gallery. The

ever-changing surroundings under discussion in WhereIam include the increasingly technological world with

which Jolliffe is playing.

Ivana Popov's work experiments with the line between

art and psychology. Maja the Bee,

which projects cartoon images upon a pillow, creates an inner nostalgia for the

viewer, while Trees, a looped film

scene of a wooded landscape projected on curtains, causes the sensation of

looking through a window into a wide open space. The installations are

engineered to create gut feelings rather than passive viewing experiences.

The three progressive artists showcased in 3X3 not only raise philosophical questions, they

physically construct them.


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