4 stars

Voir Art de Fletcher, March 4-5.

The paper bag lanterns leading me to

the front porch of the house on Fletcher Ave. in the neighborhood of Fountain Square were the first indication that I hadn’t been given the wrong address. Indeed, there was an art show, albeit one with a short shelf life.

Once inside, I found depictions of celestial bodies of all

types in abundance at Voir Art de Fletcher. Andrew Severns’ “Untitled”

(aerosol on canvas) greeted me as I arrived into the living room;

this painting portrayed a young female nude and the gaseous clouds of

yellow and blue stardust that enveloped her.

“Sara” (oil on cardboard),

by A.M. Harlow, portrayed another young woman in the nude from the

waist up. The alluring draw of her flesh — depicted with

admirable technical precision — contrasted vividly with the

bored expression on her face.

And Ryan Freeman’s colorful

paintings of twirling galaxies, hung in the same room where a deejay

was spinning LPs, were not only studies of beauty, but provided a

perfect backdrop for some swell First Friday merrymaking. Don’t

miss the next show, First Friday, April 1.

For more: voirartdefletcher.com


Arts Editor

Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.