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Artist Christen Sperry-Garcia.

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If you saw the

performers getting tangled in the webs of yarn spanning the hallway outside

SpaceCamp on First Friday evening, Feb. 4, you might've thought of spiders.

This was, in fact, a

site-specific installation/performance with a serious purpose (entitled "Maps,

Networks, and Nodes"). The performers were recreating what installation artist

Christen Sperry-Garcia termed "the improvisation, chaos, and order" you might

find, say, in the crowded traffic of a Bangkok side street by interweaving long

strings of yarn into a web-like installation.

After their weaving

was done, the performers donned hats dubbed "energy conservation units." Then

they ate soup. Their hats — designed by Brian Dick — were designed

to absorb the energy emanating from the soup.

Inside the gallery,

the most interesting installation was Derrek Curry and Jennifer Gradecki's

"Biofeedback Loop," in which participants got to see a live sex performance in

return for having their facial reactions recorded and their stress levels

measured. All you got to see, however, were their facial reactions on TV and

the record book containing their resulting stress levels!

Such performance

"byproducts" were the unifying theme of this show, which certainly seemed

clever enough. But don't expect any of this stuff to appear in a peer-reviewed

science journal anytime soon. Open Saturdays through February.

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Arts Building, 1043 Virginia Ave.;


Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.

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