Review: PostSecret: Confessions on Life, Death, and God: postcards compiled by Frank Warren

This PostSecret show focuses on "Life, Death, and God."




Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA). Frank Warren started his PostSecret project

back in 2004 by leaving postcards in public places and asking for volunteers to

mail him their secrets. Since then he's received upwards of 450,000 postcards

by mostly anonymous mailers. Most postcards are handcrafted.


that leapt out at me features the photo of two young Mormon missionaries

standing on a street corner. Whatever wholesomeness this photo would have

conveyed, unadorned, is undercut by the secret written in cursive on the

postcard face: "Whenever I meet a Mormon missionary," it reads, "I get the

sudden urge to tie him up and have my way with him." Such a contrast between

text and context could be humorous, blasphemous or both, depending on your

point of view.


postcards reveal a deep ambivalence towards religion.Another reads, "I don't believe in god anymore, I miss him

so much." This show, where ambivalence towards God seems to be the prevailing

mood, might challenge your assumptions of what art is and who is qualified to

make it.

Or it

might just make you want to go back home and write down your own secret

religious belief on a postcard. Through Sept. 15;


Arts Editor

Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.

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