Review: Paintings by Ellie Siskind

"Rock and a Hard Place" is part of the exhibit of paintings by Ellie Siskind at the IAC.




Shop Gallery, Indianapolis Art Center. Ellie Siskind is retiring from the IAC

this year. This sampling of work could be considered a celebration of sorts

— and a reminder of her vital presence in the Indy art community. In her

acrylic painting "Generations" you see three generations of women merged with a

tree as if they are themselves carved out of wood. The grandmother is down near

the roots and the mother, merged with the trunk, is holding the hand of her

daughter whose arm extends up into new branches. This painting, one of seven

now on display at the IAC entrance, is as clear and distinct in its ideas as it

is technically stunning.


"Sunset Water," Siskind's deeply entrenched understanding of color

theory is on abundant display. Here you see complementary colors cyan blue and

orange/red in the water as you would see them in nature while the red and black

horizon that embraces this water gives the scene an ethereal, magical quality

that transcends all theory and instruction.


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Arts Editor

Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.