Indianapolis Artsgarden

4 stars

A featured guest of this year's Art & Soul 2011

celebration, Lobyn Hamilton works with a unique material —pieces of LP

vinyl— and he uses them to assemble a dead-on portrayal of his subject.

In many cases, his subjects happen to be musicians — Bob

Marley, Bob Dylan, and Erykah Badu among them. Often he likes to use the album

centerpieces to let you know that he's working with repurposed LPs.

Take, for example, his Bob Dylan portrait. Lobyn cuts the

long, rectangular strands of vinyl that represent Bob Dylan's hair in such a

straight and consistent manner that it would be hard to guess the original

medium if he didn't have an album centerpiece in the composition. By the way,

the sculptural element in Dylan's hairdo—the way it leaps off the

canvas—is pretty amazing.

My favorite work of his in the Artsgarden, however, is his

"Huey P Newton: Untelevised Revolution" where he not only uses LP vinyl but

also multicolored newspaper clippings bearing the masthead "The Black Panther"

as part of the composition. By simultaneously expanding his palette and

engaging the realm of politics, Lobyn demonstrates decisively that his work in

this medium is no mere novelty.

Don't miss your chance to see Lobyn DJing at the Artsgarden

on Feb 25 at 11:30 AM.


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Having lived and worked in Indy on and off since 1977, and currently living in Carmel, I've seen the city change a great deal. I love covering the arts in all its forms, and the places where the arts and broader cultural issues intersect.

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