Review: Koutsouras Retrospective Works


Five stars

Mount Comfort Space; through Feb. 19.

This exhibit covers the period between

the mid-'90s and 2007 when Koutsouras was putting out a more

thematically varied body of work than in the selection of new work on

display in the iMOCA gallery. You can see here figure studies in

charcoal on paper, oil on canvas landscapes and seascapes and

work that at first glance might strike you as pure abstraction.

In “The Rehearsal — Take

Five” (oil and mixed media on canvas), you see an orange canvas

seemingly stained with watermarks. When you look closer you can make

out the outlines of nearly nude, standing figures. They appear alone

among themselves. Perhaps they’re talking with one another. In

any event, they’re facing away from you; their facial

expressions are a mystery. The power of the work comes as much from

what’s hidden as from what’s revealed.

You might say this about much of his

work. “East West Directional” uses almost the same

palette to portray a sort of compass of the mind with a blue line

pointed west from the center, perhaps tracing the path that the

artist’s life has taken. If that’s reading too much into

the work, then it stems from the fact that Koutsouras’ work

engages my imagination like few other artists out there. 634-6622,

1043 Virginia Ave.;


Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.

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