wUG LAKU'S STUDIO & garage; through Feb. 26.

3.5 stars

Horizons is a showcase of the term 'delicate.' With

carefully textured acrylics on small canvases, Kaye portrays different horizon

landscapes. Utilizing tiny strokes, she adds lines of distant trees, windmills

and other landmarks. In some cases the acrylics are applied to create the

'cracked' surface of a desert, as in "Waiting to Bloom." In "Aloysius IV,"

acrylics are layered thick on the oppressive sun. Because the paintings are so

closely related to each other, there is an art to the subtle differences, such

as the higher horizon line in "Float."

The painterly simplicity, textural precision

and artistic unity of Kaye's work put ostentatious grab-bag exhibitions to

shame. There is no strain to see her vision, yet there is no sense that she is

smacking us upside the head with a didactic message. She makes a painstaking

process look easy, refreshing our palette while also broadening our own 'horizons.'


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