Review: 'Found Futures' at The Harrison

Work by Christian Brock Forrer.

3.5 stars

Harrison Gallery Annex,

through Oct. 28.

Herron School of Art and Design

printmaking student Christian Brock Forrer offers an enthralling group of mixed

media works in Found Futures.The show has no didactic materials for

viewers to read, and there is not even a title printed on the gallery wall,

which is disappointing but also leaves the show completely up to


The work depicts accidental

— well, found — beauty

in strange places, along with cast-away figures. There is a heavy emphasis on

shack-like structures pieced together from loose boards, usually triangular in

some way and often teetering on very small or flimsy foundations.

The idea of worshiping

strange objects as deities is a thread that seems to run through the work, and

some pieces even feature people surrounding the triangular structures with heads

bowed. The color palate mixes dull, woody hues with bright colors very

attractively and the work has a sketchy, graphic quality. A few pieces feature

huge faces that evoke the sad, disembodied clown heads that adorn the walls of

buildings at carnivals and amusement parks.

Overall, the work feels

precarious, bizarre and extremely rewarding.