Review: Dave Voelpel at Five Seasons


2.5 stars

Five Seasons Studio; by

appointment through March 23.

Dave Voelpel exhibits a wide selection

of abstract paintings and mixed media art at Five Seasons Studio

located in the Circle City Industrial Complex. Voelpel, who described

himself as a contractor by day and artist by night and weekend, has

moved into abstraction after working in the realm of traditional

landscape painting, particularly watercolor painting. His strongest

works on view were made in plein air and expressively interpret the

landscape through thick and varied acrylic paint applications.

“Abstraction 14,” made with

quick energetic marks of grays and greens from a palette knife,

intrigues with a chartreuse lichen-like form on the left center edge.

Paint slips over the canvas to create a sagging, dripping purple sky

in “Abstraction 17” and an enticing rhythm emerges with

balanced color. “Abstraction 19” has a lavish indigo sky

that intersects with lighter grays and raised, horizontal marks

resembling rock ridges.

Voelpel revealed that the piece had an

underpainting that formed the textures. The richness of this layering

method works, but is lacking in other examples. There is unevenness

to the show as numerous pieces, notably the collages, are

underdeveloped. What the exhibition needs is editing and definition

to really showcase the most evocative art.

345-3426; 523-7777

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