Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA); through

Mar. 19.

5 stars

Christos Koutsouras is a painter through and through, but

the centerpiece of his show is a ten-foot-high rectangular installation

composed of interlocked boards of weathered lumber.

The structure's entitled "Atmung" — the German word for

breathe — and it's built in such a way that there's a layer of

air between each board (so it can breathe, as it were). As you take it in, you

can hear the sound of wind recorded live onsite at his beachside studio in

Astoria, Ore, that he dubs "Big Red."

This installation, inspired by his studio, is more akin to

a Zen-inspired rock garden than actual mock up (see his spectacular painting

"Big Red" in shades of gray, white, and red for a sense of what it actually

looks like) but it serves as a good starting point for taking in the

large-scale, sea-focused canvases painted by this Greek island of Samos native

and former ocean navigator.

The view from "Big Red" makes a spectacular appearance in

"Reflections of Sea and Light II." Here you see a sea horizon under a wide blue

sky looking west into the Pacific. This particular canvas also contains drips

of paint and broad brushstrokes where you can see vigor and passion and

artistic virtuosity; where you can see his reflections on the sea

horizon—and what's beyond it—truly come alive.


Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.

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