3 Stars

Harrison Center for the Arts; through

Feb. 25.

In order to evoke the elements, Carolyn

Springer experiments with texture and media in her paintings.

In “Indianapolis Spirit,”

materials include encaustic, oil, beeswax varnish, and sea salt. This

contributes to a layered cityscape, with top layers obscuring lower

ones in expressive gestures. Looming above Indianapolis is a

painterly cloud that seems to have resulted from a forceful

horizontal stroke and then upside-down drip work.

The physicality of media in this

painting, not to mention the smoldering gold leaf in “Earth’s

Sudden Heat I” and “Earth’s Sudden Heat II,”

contrast with the lighter work in the exhibition’s second room.

There, the paintings are in the style

of Japonisme, drawing upon Springer's recent travel to Japan.

“Kyoto Soul” shows a Japanese garden obscured by a thick,

painterly mist, and Springer softens the image with petals.

Particularly through textural

experimentation, Elemental commands respect for nature's power

while also revealing its beauty.


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