Review: Bobby Gilbreath at Wake Gallery


2.5 stars

Wake Gallery; through March 25.

Chicago-based Bobby

Gilbreath’s paintings are as much distinguished by the really

long titles of compositions as by his use of non-standard media,

including latex house paints.

In “Everyone’s in Love, and

Flowers Pick Themselves,” however, it’s a little hard to

find any correlation between title and work. This particular abstract

work has a particularly ugly color combination — brown on yellow.

In addition, there’s a heavy textural element that is to be

expected if you’re basically throwing paint against the wall to

see what sticks.

The textural nature of these works

might give you the sense of looking at a topographical map. But the

territories in question possess no particular gravity to draw you

closer, so to speak, largely because of the awkward color


The one work in this show that does

have some visual appeal comes burdened with the longest title in this

show, “And He Knew That When He Kissed This Girl…”

The twelve square panels of this composition have different colors

and texture combinations that don’t match when juxtaposed

together — like mismatched pieces in a puzzle — but some

interesting contrasts result.



Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.

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