Replanting the Garden

"Garden in the Desert" by Jillian Logue.




Car Gallery


this show, New York-based Richard Saja presents the more than 40 artists

invited to respond to Hieronymous Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights." You may

recall that the centerpiece of Bosch's triptych is a depiction of a giant,

fantastical orgy. Bosch's painting shows this activity as sinful and leading to

damnation. So it's interesting that in her "Lilith in the Dark Garden,"

(gouache and acrylic on board) Mab Graves depicts a biblical figure slightly

outside the context of original sin: Lilith, the woman who preceded Eve in

Hebrew scripture. Lilith is depicted naked, with the big eyes of a Manga

character; she's seemingly confident and unashamed, holding an apple in her

hand. Elsewhere you see a variety of Boschian gardens; Jillian Logue's

"Garden in the Desert," (acrylic on canvas) depicts a Burning Man-like rave,

while in Max Key's oil on canvas "Plantation" you see plants and fruits

spurting fluid in a suggestive manner. Other offerings here include video,

embroidery, collage and sculpture but nowhere is Bosch's triptych reflected as

just a morality play. The medieval context in which Bosch created his art has

been supplanted but his work continues, here and elsewhere, to be a source of

inspiration for contemporary artists. Through May 22; 317-450-6630;


Arts Editor

Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.