Recent Works by Jacob Rauscher

"Rat Race" by Jacob Rauscher

Wake Gallery

Four stars

Jacob Rauscher is a

recent Herron grad with a solid command of multiple mediums including

painting—both traditional and digital—as well as lithography.

In the monotype/intaglio print "Rat Race," you see a young woman leaning on an

antique racecar; she's dressed in pastel greens and pinks. Under the woman's

pink high heels, you see another racing car, tiny in comparison to the

woman and apparently on fire, depicted in blending hues of red and yellow.

Rauscher himself claims that this particular work questions the gender

hierarchy—that in the 1930s American women began to overturn the male

domination of society by raw assertions of sexuality in media. You might

dispute this claim, but the larger point is that Rauscher is a painter with

ideas as well as talent. His biggest ideas are of the existentialist

bent, too complex to delve into here. Such ideas often add depth to his

works. His "Children Who Used to Play," a digitally manipulated image, pictures

an empty swing set. The absence in this playground might remind you of your own

children, if you have any, and how they can only be young enough to play there

for a short while. Through July 22;


Arts Editor

Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.