Woody Rau recently finished his national TV debut in Caught Ya! on ESPN Outdoors. He is also working on a rewrite for his musical Fire at The North Pole, and has begun a new script with the working title The Most Important Play of All Time. Woody also performs at ComedySportz and works with the NCAA’s Stay In Bounds program, entertaining school kids in grades one through eight. Q: What are you reading now?

A: I’m reading a lot of nutritional info boxes on the sides of food products. Counting carbs, don’t ya know. The last two books I finished were Tishamingo Blues by Elmore Leonard and Mystic River by Dennis Lehane.

Q: What do you like about the Indy art scene?

A: I love the fact that in the last year or so, several new theater groups and art galleries have popped up. This city has a lot of talent that deserves to be seen.

Q: What don’t you like?

A: The fact that several new theater groups and art galleries have closed due to audience indifference. This city has a lot of talent that deserves better. Although, I do think it’s the easy way out to blame the audience. I think as an arts community, we should draw up some kind of contract with the general public. Something that says, “If you come and see this fresh, edgy new show, we promise that we will do 1776 again,” or, “If you come and support this sadomasochist performance artist, our next showing will feature covered bridges painted on saws.” Find a happy balance between giving the people what we want and what they want.

Q: Who’s your inspiration?

A: I don’t really have an inspiration, per se. No one inspired me to start writing or acting or any of the other nonsense that I do. However, I do have role models. Steve Martin, Joel and Ethan Coen, David Mamet, Paul Westerberg, Monty Python … and the list goes on.

Q: Drug of choice? A: Low-carb beer, with vodka a close second.

Q: Who’s your favorite politician?

A: I’m kind of digging on Edwards right now. He’s got that Clinton without the intern vibe going on.

Q: What’s the hardest thing about what you do?

A: Keeping track of where I need to be and when.

Q: Name three living or dead people you’d invite to dinner.

A: Hunter S. Thompson, Oscar Wilde and George W. Bush. Just because I find that combination amusing.

Q: What’s your favorite TV commercial at the moment?

A: The Homer Simpson Visa ad makes me laugh.

Q: Can love be pornographic?

A: No. Although love can lead to amateur porn.


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