Dave Ruark is an actor and the director of sales and marketing at ComedySportz Indianapolis. Until very recently, he was the marketing director at the Phoenix Theatre for the last three and a half seasons. He will be performing in most of the ComedySportz shows this summer. Q: What are you reading now?

A: The Truth by Terry Pratchett. Terry Pratchett is the best writer in the world. I dare you to name somebody better. See? You can’t.

Q: What do you like about the Indy art scene?

A: Whatever you’re into, you’ll find something to watch, do, look at or listen to. As a performer, I enjoy the enthusiasm of the audiences here.

Q: What don’t you like?

A: There’s a sense of elitism in the arts here (and in the U.S. in general). I wish there was more of a sense of pride and public ownership of the arts, like in Europe. As a performer, I wish more theaters paid their actors.

Q: Who’s your inspiration?

A: I suppose it’s whoever wrote the music I’m listening to at the moment. So, these days my inspiration would be Erlend Oye, Neil Hannon and Loretta Lynn.

Q: Drugs of choice? A: Music, The Simpsons and PhotoShop.

Q: Who’s your favorite politician?

A: Ewwww, politicians? I have no favorite politician. Bryan Fonseca is my favorite diplomat, though.

Q: What’s the hardest thing about what you do?

A: Creating new theater-goers and convincing established theater-goers to take risks.

Q: Name three people you’d invite to dinner.

A: Steve Jobs, Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Saunders. Steve because he’s a rockstar geek and Ellen and Jennifer because they’re the two funniest women in the world.

Q: What’s your favorite TV commercial at the moment?

A: “Orbit cleans another dirty mouth” — the one at the gymnastics event. Filthy swearing can be so funny, and that British woman is hilarious. I haven’t bought any Orbit gum, though.

Q: Can love be pornographic?

A: Nope. Pornography is a consumer product. Love is not.


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