Poetry and prose by 39 Indiana writers has been selected to be featured in the Shared Spaces/Shared Voices public art project presented by the Arts Council of Indianapolis and IndyGo. Literary works will be placed on interior placards found on IndyGo buses for one year beginning Aug. 25 to coincide with the Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival. Live readings will take place on selected buses during the festival.

Adult writers whose work was chosen received $200 for each piece of work selected. Indianapolis writers included Joyce Brinkman, Phoenix Cole, Edward Coleman, Robin Denman, Alicia Diaz, M. Travis DiNicola, Carla Feagans, Michael Howell, Elizabeth Krajeck, Norbert Krapf, Anne Laker, Bonnie Maurer, Norman Minick, Karen Mitchell, Ricardo Parra, Richard Pflum, Chris Saunders, Mary Sexson and Chi Sherman.

There was also a youth category. Winners were Jack Atterholt, Faith Bradham, Danielle Hay, Jonathan Hay and Elizabeth Peek.

A Fare Ride (Form #9)

By Joyce Brinkman

Thirty-five rumbles gently to a stop,

He taps his hickory cane upon one step.

Her turquoise bracelets jangle as she moves.

With gasoline closing in on three,

All eagerly relinquish cheaper coins.

Sweet quarters tumble in the plastic box.

Behind the lad in scrubs, the door goes bang.