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Peter Drake: Memoirs of Suburbia

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Evan Lurie Gallery

Manhattan-based Peter Drake is a painter who has allowed his father's lead figure collection to guide him into strange territory. In his blown up reproduction of a toy Algerian soldier in "Fleur-de-Lis" (acrylic on canvas) the soldier's enlarged face looks sinister; where the eyes should be you see only black pits. The figure's sharply focused only in places - a depth of field effect - as if you're looking at a photograph. But the macro lens through which Drake observed this particular lead figure, before he painted it, gave him a clear view without distortion. The blurred effect, imagined and conceived through Drake's superb technical capacity, heightens the strangeness of the depicted figure. This first-time retrospective of Drake's work also features scenes of distress in the midst of suburbia such as "Siege of Syosset" where a tank fires in the middle of a suburban street. Suburbia, at least it seems here, is no safer than the overseas territories where we send our tanks and soldiers. Also on view is a selection of Drake's video work rendered with Photoshop and Adobe programs. Through Oct. 24; 317-844-8400;

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