Paintings by Edgar Cano


4 stars -- Magdalena


Usually the paintings

you find in the Magdalena Gallery are bright and cheerful, both in terms of

palette and subject matter. So to find a painter featured here with a

palette as dark as that, say, of the Dutch masters is something of a shock.

Said painter, Edgar Cano, lives in Mexico City; he is a lithographer as well as

a painter. His portrait of his nearly naked, pregnant wife "La Mala Education,"

is daring in both its very dark palette—the only light comes from the

glow of the TV illuminating the woman's belly—and the message implicit in

the canvas. That is, your children will potentially absorb everything to which

you expose them. Cano's lithography is equally engaging—and provocative.

"Rehearsal for the Next Exhibition of Contemporary Art," with its portrayal of

a museum display window featuring a poster of a man licking a human skull, may

be read as a commentary on the highly conceptual nature, and debatable

aesthetic value, of much contemporary art. It's an interesting look

askance from an accomplished representative of the burgeoning Mexican Neo-Realism

scene. Through May 1; 317-844-0005;


Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.

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