"The Sarah Silverman Program

Wednesdays, 10:30 p.m.

Comedy Central

Outrageousness just gets more outrageous every week. If it isn’t everyone in South Park vying to see who can be gayest, it’s Barbara Bush seducing L’il Dick Cheney on L’il Bush and Kathy Griffin shouting “Suck it, Jesus!” after winning an Emmy.

This week’s entry into the annals of the over-the-top can be found on The Sarah Silverman Program, where Sarah happily reminisces about her three abortions (Is the plural “abortia”? she wonders) in a montage set to Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).”

Twisted? Oh, yeah. But if you like Silverman’s humor — and I do — you’ll appreciate the new episodes of The Sarah Silverman Program, which returns to Comedy Central tonight for a second season (if you can call six shows a “season”).

Silverman’s back in her woman-child guise, this time joining an anti-abortion group she thinks wants to protect already-born babies from being killed. Next week, she defends herself in court against charges of bestiality because she licked her dog’s ass. She did it, yes, but “just to see what it tastes like” since the dog seems to love it so.

This would simply be outrageousness for the sake of being outrageous if it weren’t for the lessons — sometimes genuine and sometimes warped — imparted each week. In the abortion episode, the group Sarah joins doesn’t just protest; it plots to blow up the local clinic, which teaches Sarah the hypocrisy of some who claim to value “life.” OK, that’s an obvious ending, but there’s a twist involving Sarah removing a foreign object from a friend’s body that’s both wildly inappropriate and extremely funny.

The dog-licking episode has a better moral having to do with gay marriage and Sarah’s gay friends Brian (Brian Posehn) and Steve (Steve Agee).

Between that lesson, Sarah going to rehab to “cure” herself of her one-time experiment and Brian and Steve playing The Game of Life with Sarah’s sister Laura (Laura Silverman) and boyfriend Jay (Jay Johnston), it’s the better of the two episodes Comedy Central provided for review. Probably because it’s more, you know, outrageous.



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