Objects by Ray Duffey

"Sway" by Ray Duffey on view at Dean Johnson Gallery.

Dean Johnson Gallery

Four Stars

The five wooden buoy-like objects that hold sway three

meters over the floor of the Dean Johnson Gallery also resemble dirigibles

somewhat but they don't just float in the air. Five cherry wood stands prop

them up, as if these objects were boats in dry dock. If the slightest

breeze pushes these objects they sway back and forth with their stands

(hence the name of the work: Sway) Of course, these objects are divorced from

any purpose save the artistic but that is the precisely what Ray Duffey

had in mind. Currently in the Master's Program in Furniture Design at

Herron, Duffey spent time in Maine as part of a residency program and the strong,

craft-oriented boating and fishing culture there seems to have influenced his

art. While excellent examples of Duffey's functional art—i.e. his

furniture—are also on display here, they may not hold sway over your

imagination like this bold, imaginative work. Through May

31;317-634-8020, www.deanjohnson.com.


Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.

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