Steve Carr

Ron White

Crackers Comedy Club

Last week

Ron White played an unannounced series of shows at Crackers last week.

Prepping new material for the third installation of the wildly popular Blue Collar comedy films series, comedian Ron White performed a quartet of unannounced shows at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple last week.

White, who just released a new album, You Can't Fix Stupid, is currently lighting up the atlas on his "Drunk in Public" tour. He was most recently in Alaska, where he came face to face with the physical shortcomings of the locals. "Have you seen their teeth? They could make keys."

Looking as weary and rumpled as usual, White hit the stage clutching a scotch and cigar, props as familiar to his act as a mallet and watermelon are to Gallagher.

The set was mixed, as belies a performer still sorting through the new stuff, but there were plenty of high points and the audience was so enthused that even the weaker material was robustly lauded with laughs.

White's act is the least Southern fried of his blue collar comrades - Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy - but that didn't stop him from stooping into riffs on dog turds, boob jobs, gays and, surprisingly for someone as capable as White, a joke about Michael Jackson's penis lifted directly from Dave Chappelle.

His bits on Timothy Treadwell, the amateur naturalist whose death at the hands of a bear was the subject of the movie Grizzly Man, were inspired, capped by White's own views on the futility of fending off a 14-foot bear: "The only thing you can do is shit your pants to make yourself taste bad."

Crackers is celebrating 25 years in Indianapolis this year with a coming lineup of comedians worthy of a silver anniversary. An independent shop that also has a club downtown, Crackers has outlasted a succession of rival clubs over the years.

"Comedy clubs open and close all over the country," said General Manager Ruth-Anne Herber-Bunting. "To make it 25 years, I am very proud."

Herber-Bunting suggested that White may not be the last big name to show up on the Crackers calendar on short notice this year.