New anchors for 6


"You might have noticed — via ads, personal appearances and the picture on the side of the RV they’ve been cruising around town in — that WRTV (Channel 6) has a new anchor team. Todd Wallace and Trisha Shepherd took to the air Monday, Sept. 10 at 5, 6, 7 and 11 p.m.

Todd and Trisha, as they’ve been marketed, are originally from Maryland and Chicago, respectively, and most recently worked in Dallas and Des Moines, also respectively. They acknowledge they have a lot to learn about Indiana — they didn’t know who was mayor before Bart Peterson or governor before Mitch Daniels, who sings “Back Home Again in Indiana” before the Indianapolis 500 or how Hoosiers pronounce “Versailles,” “Vevay” and “Russiaville.” (To be fair, if you’d asked me similar questions when I moved here 20 years ago, I wouldn’t have known, either. And I’m still not sure about “Vevay.”)

But they have three-year contracts, so they’ll have time to learn, and they were good sports about answering the questions.

Here’s what else they said when their RV stopped by:

NUVO: How do you prepare for a job like this?

Trisha: This is a good start. There’s nothing that beats seeing the sights, shaking the hands, meeting the people, walking into the companies and getting to know people. I’ve been on Wikipedia, I’ve read the history books, I’ve done as much as I could reading about Indiana and Indianapolis.

Todd: For me, reading the paper or going online to follow what is happening day to day, you begin to gain a familiarity. But the job is so big and there are so many opportunities that if you think too big, it can be overwhelming. So you remind yourself: I’ve done this before. I’m in a different place and there are different people, but as long as I’m an effective communicator, stay open to ideas that come our way and I’m really passionate about what we do and tell good stories, we should hopefully be OK.

NUVO: Do you have specific goals or do you just come in and do the best you can?

Trisha: My goal is to do the same good journalism my mentors taught me to do and do it with a fresh, energetic approach.

Todd: It’s also about commitment. I want to be No. 1. I’m not saying we’ll be No. 1 next year, but I would like to be No. 1. I know we have our work cut out for us, but that’s what makes it fun.



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