"D’Klassical is D’Kool!

Dance Kaleidoscope

Indiana Repertory Theatre

Feb. 15-18

Dance Kaleidoscope added emotional dimensions beyond the usual sight and sound to classical music through a varied program of well-known compositions and a less-heard Danish composer in D’Klassical is D’Kool! last weekend. Three diverse works thrilled a jubilant audience on a bitter cold opening evening.

David Hochoy artfully re-envisioned Handel’s Water Music, provided to King George I for a royal water pageant down the Thames July 17, 1717. The company, costumed in ripple-colored and floating outfits, arranged and re-arranged itself in semblance of a body of water from its emergence as a stream to its maturation as a river rolling toward the sea. To these 2003 premiere Suites was added a new movement, Eternal Source of Light Divine from Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne. Dressed in leotards of brilliant reds, purples, royals, the feeling was of lighted fountains come alive.

The four-coupled, intimately tender Butterfly (2001), set on the Act 1 Duet from Madama Butterfly, followed this jubilant, architectural company work. The initial exterior, culturally-based love scene spirals into layers of internalized passion. Words, music, body language interact achingly as love foreshadows loss, and loss becomes one and the same as love.

Closing with Martha Graham’s 1981 work, Acts of Light, in which Hochoy originally danced, the program further plumbed love and loss and re-introduced the beauty of the human body in movement. If Graham’s choreography fills you with unbounded wonder, her costumes, here constructed by Michele Hankins and Cheryl Sparks, are breathtaking, and the original lighting, here re-created by Laura E. Glover, is mesmerizing.

Throughout, the company worked as a unit, enhanced by excellent design elements. Standouts are the lifts, body pictures and transitions of imagery.

The Q&A dialogue, a Thursday feature, covered programming choices, dance training and costumes. Hochoy follows advice from a veteran artistic director: Every program should be like a meal with an appetizer, entrée and dessert. “You don’t get to be a good dancer without working hard,” Hochoy advised. Costumes are conceptualized in concert with Sparks, the company designer, as Hochoy develops the choreography. n



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