John Henton at Crackers Broad Ripple, Sept. 16-19

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John Henton

Crackers Broad Ripple

Sept. 16-19

A year ago, John Henton was a good comedian. His timing was solid, his delivery was personable and his demeanor was engaging. But over the last year, he - or at least his new material - has become great. At his previous Crackers appearance, he was a professional, using his strong smoky voice and natural charisma to make so-so jokes slightly above average. This time he had the same personal attributes behind vastly superior material, and his crowd play was perfect. He owned a difficult crowd with witty poise; managing interjections from the audience in a way that made it funny, without inviting further interruption. He recycled a few jokes, but the old material that was used again was still good - and he spliced it in well with fresh bits of political humor, and a great dialogue on racism in Middle-America. Last time I reviewed Henton I said that his show "lacked any moments of uproarious laughter"; he remedied that ten times over.

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