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Jacobina Trump and Jay Parnell: Bridge to Holland

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Dean Johnson Gallery

Both Jay Parnell and Jacobina Trump focus, in their paintings displayed here, on ancestral relations. Dutch-born Indy resident Jacobina Trump portrays her own ancestors, in a number of paintings, wearing the type of traditional garb in which her own grandmother dressed. She also focuses on the complications of her own exile from Holland in the oil-on-linen painting "(Self) Reflection," where you see two versions of the same woman, one with eyes open, the other eyes closed, facing each other. They're in water up to their necks and empty Coke cans are floating on the surface. If the symbolism is a little obvious - alluding to American culture and the vulnerability of Holland to flooding - at least it's heartfelt. Indy-based Jay Parnell leaves much more room for interpretation in "Visitation." In this painting, you see a woman of African descent, a ghost, visiting the confluence of two rivers. The purpose of her visit is unknown here, while in the "Like Man, Like Dog" (oil on board) the male subject of the painting is obscured by wild strokes of black paint - a dog sitting beside him - against the backdrop of an overwhelmingly wide and dreary sky. Through Oct.29; 317-634-8020,

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