10/12/09 Department of Music and Arts Concert Hall

The Indy Wind Quintet, a group that qualifies for the "Young" part of

the title because of their short history, sounded like an ensemble in

its starting stages. The group's sound felt unsettled; the balance was

off, some rhythmic gestures didn't land right. Despite the ensemble

problems, the program the group put together was rather interesting.

Malcolm Arnold's Three Shanties lightened up the concert with its fun

and quirky setting of English sea songs. While Ferenc Farkas' Early

Hungarian Dances featured a more jaunty, dance-like sound from the

group. But, it was Charles Lefebvre's Canon where the group sounded

the best. The blending and group playing on this piece was far better

than the rest of the concert. Overall, the players sounded good

individually and on soloistic passages, but it seems like they

need a little time to settle into their sound as a whole.


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