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In The Blue

Indiana Historical Society

Sunday, Feb. 12

'In the Blue' writer/director Sarah Mynette, star Emily Wood, and director Keuhalani Haydon at the film's premiere

The story of local film In The Blue follows Ruth (Emily Wood), a young woman who disguises herself as a man to join the Union Army in order to support her family. The layers are packed tightly together in just 30 minutes, touching on race, sexuality, gender roles and life-and-death warfare with smooth precision, carried by fine performances by Wood and Bev Guyver.

With quite a bit of help from Indiana Civil War re-enactors and the Billie Creek Village in Rockville, they create a vivid and realistic period piece; I never once doubted it was the 1860s. Directors Sarah Mynett and Kehualani Haydon and cinematographer Jim Timperman also showed a keen visual sense, with subtly shifting cameras and the use of flickering firelight to light many scenes.

At this week's premiere at the Indiana Historical Society, Mynett said she was inspired by a book that talked about the unknown number of women - somewhere between 400 and 1,000 - who fought as men in the Civil War.

"It was about how these people had given up their lives and homes to fight for what they believe in. I knew then I had stumbled upon a piece of gold; this was something I had to write about," Mynett said. "Making this film has been a journey for me, professionally and personally. I became almost possessed by this project; I felt driven to try to understand how and why these incredible women did what they did without hope of recognition. They needed a voice, and I'm proud to be that voice."

For DVD ordering and other information: www.inthebluefilm.com.


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