Igor Lovchinsky

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9-6-09 6:00

American Pianists Association Classical Fellowship Finalist, Igor

Lovchinsky returned to Indianapolis at the APA's Summer Sundays

concert series at the Rathskeller's Biergarten Sunday. Lovchinsky put

together a program that showed off his strong points: Russian power,

yet with finesse and a great rhythmic pocket. In four of Earl Wild's

Virtuoso Etudes on tunes by Gershwin, Lovchinsky was able to balance

the torrent of notes and the recognizable melodies so well, one was

able to be bedazzled with his playing while humming "I got rhythm/I

got music... " Even the tunes you might not have recognized, like Nikolai

Medtner's Sonata Tragica, seemed to be so natural and comfortable you

couldn't help but become engulfed by them. To finish the concert,

Lovchinsky pulled out Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue — a piece overplayed

by concretizing pianists. Yet, with his break-neck tempos and sharp

staccatos, Lovchinsky was able to bring out the character so many

pianists miss.

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