Avant Grande Art Show: featuring artwork by the Starbuck baristas of Indiana





Gallery at the Harrison Center for the Arts


Hudson's "Chronos Loves Rhea" is made from what appear to be puzzle pieces cut

from a world map. But in the way they are arranged you find Brasilia,

Brazil smack up against Israel, so it's more like the map of a dreamscape

where, with one step, you can travel thousands of miles. In this collage, waves

of light seem to wash over the surface in hues of orange and green, while

across the gallery wild whitish-green streaks of color swirl around a young

female singer in Kris Arnold's photo print "Mind of Asian." Philip Lynam has a

number of colorful abstract paintings here, including his acrylic on panel

"Persuasion Theory." It persuaded me with its bold red color and interesting

repetitive patterns. But Ben Valentine's piles of cinderblock and brick

fragments on the floor entitled "History" failed to persuade me of anything at

all, except the need for an artist to do something—anything!—with

his raw materials. Note: there is a pun in the title of this show that

may clue you in to the affiliation that these artists share. Through May 29th; 317-396-3886, www.harrisoncenter.org.

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Arts Editor

Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.