"Indianapolis-based Firebelly Films won top honors for Happiness, a short film screened at the IMAX Theater’s first annual Really Big Short Film Festival, presented in conjunction with the Fourth Annual Indiana Art Fair at the Indiana State Museum.

For the film, director Duncan Alney collaborated with Hi Def Pictures, which lent its production and editorial services. “Hi Def really did a great job in helping us to accomplish our vision,” Alney said. “We’re elated that 500 people watched the film over the course of the weekend.”

Prior to production, Alney opted to cast local restaurateur Joe Vuskovich to speak candidly about his experiences with happiness. For more, see www.firebellyfilms.com.

Ben Rose could be ‘On the Lot’

Indiana native and filmmaker Ben Rose hopes to make his Hollywood break via a Fox reality television series next spring. Rose is competing to be one of the 16 aspiring film directors chosen to compete for a $1 million DreamWorks development deal for Fox’s On the Lot. Director Steven Spielberg and Survivor creator Mark Burnett produced the series that will air next spring.

The show’s contestants will produce short films from various genres each week and the series’ winner will be determined by a weekly audience vote.

Rose said that a high hit count on his short Reality TV will increase the chances of being selected as one of the finalists. Reality TV is a five-minute short that was cut from a 13-minute feature spoofing reality television. Rose’s submission was created in one take, with one camera and no cuts.

Rose said he feels he has a chance to be selected as one of the 16 contestants because of his versatile filming capabilities.

“I can come up with original material quickly. I have a production background, which includes working in all facets from lighting, camera, editing and directing, so I understand what it takes to bring something to the screen,” Rose said.

Reality TV can be viewed at http://films.thelot.com/films/17034.



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