Lisa Gauthier

Cirque du Soleil: Delirium

Conseco Fieldhouse

Feb. 27-28

Prepare to be ehnchanted, boggled, mesmerized and moved by Cirque de Soleil's 'Delirium - Turning Music into Motion.'

Cirque du Soleil will make its premiere in Indianapolis at Conseco Fieldhouse with the touring show Delirium - Turning Music into Motion, one of 13 Cirque shows, but the first being labeled a "live arena event." While the focus of many CDS shows is jaw-dropping acrobatics, Delirium takes the best of the best of Cirque du Soleil music and puts it in the spotlight.

Kiki Nesbitt, executive producer of Delirium, explained the show from CDS' headquarters in Montreal: "The show is really inspired by the music of Cirque du Soleil. Other shows are based on the acrobatics, but with this one, going into an arena, we wanted to concentrate on the music itself.

"Of the over 250 songs [in the CDS repertoire], we chose 21 of them that we wanted to have. And that sort of created a storyline for the while thing. We added lyrics to the music itself and it is supported by 11 very talented musicians and six singers. But it doesn't stop with music. What we have also is a mixture of acrobatic dance, of acrobatic numbers, costume and lights, and really the big thing is the video projection. Video is very important in our show. We have the equivalent of four IMAX screens in front of us with video." Shots that are projected onto the screen are a compilation of pre-recorded images, as well as live feeds of the audience.

And the audience will be right alongside the action. The show will be held in Conseco Fieldhouse, with the stage running down the middle of the crowd. Nesbitt said, "What we did is bisect the arena in two, so that means we go from goal to goal. So the stage is a very long stage; it's open on 130 feet for the public and 20 feet wide. So it's really standing in the middle of the arena so that you have good seats on every side."

Also intriguing about Delirium is the integration of a storyline along with the music and acrobatics/dancing. "It's not a written storyline, not a scenario or a musical itself," Nesbitt explained. "It's really going into a main character that really tries to find a balance between his imagination and the real world itself. It's really an urban tale with a quest for balance."

Longtime fans of Cirque du Soleil need not worry that the acrobatics will be lost in this show. Nesbit said, "We have hand balancing, we have a hoop act, aerial hoops, aerial strap, and we have another group that has more acro-sport numbers. There are always some acrobatics somewhere. Also, we have flying musicians and flying singers, which we've never had before."

See something Indianapolis has never seen before: Delirium will be performed Feb. 27-28, 8 p.m. Tickets are still available through TicketMaster (317-239-5151, at $69.50, $84.50 and $99.50. More about Cirque du Soleil at