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Catherine Burris and Lydia Burris: A Little Madness

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Wug Laku's Studio & Garage

When she was growing up, it took Lydia Burris a long time to realize that not everyone was an artist like her mother Catherine. Lydia grew up to create art that shares some of the horror and fantasy influences apparent in Catherine's manipulated manikin heads, transformed into machine/zombie sculptures, that you see on display here. While Lydia also works in three dimensions, her works in this show are primarily 2-D acrylic and/or oil paintings on panels. Visual Fringe winner "Peacock City" (acrylic on panel) depicts, in the foreground, trees with fronds that resemble peacock feathers. You can also see buildings that defy the law of gravity, suspended in the air, while in the backdrop you can see a structure that vaguely resembles a Roman coliseum under a brilliant yellow sky. "Peacock City" started off as a project for a friend, who happened to be an architect. It ended up as a depiction of a distinct fantasy world - different from anything that she'd created before - with its own weird architecture. Through Sept. 26; 317-270-8258;

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