After All That: Paintings by Shawn Causey

"A Better Normal" by Shawn Causey

Wug Laku's Studio and


Three stars

In Shawn Causey's

abstract paintings on display at Wug's, there's a sense of rhythm and

flow, an understanding of how colors relate to one another, and what appears to

be a depth of field effect which has a lot to do with her process of

vertical layering of acrylic and/or oil based paints. In the title piece

"After All That," you see all of these things on display. "I like

strong color," says Causey, "I like getting the right balance of

color and form." To achieve such balances, she

places some horizontal bars of paint across

the vertical striping; these bars may make you think

of musical time signatures. That Causey would employ such

brushstrokes is not particuarly surprising; she has a degree in music from

Butler (as well as a degree in design from Herron) and she teaches piano.

But some of her work seems to be as much about stasis as about rhythm--the

equivalent of a feeling of stillness you might encounter outside on a late

winter day. In "Early Thaw I" (acrylic on canvas) you

see vertical stripes of white and yellow and, in the dead center of the

painting, there is a tiny dab of pink, like a bud about to flower.

Through July 30; 317-270-8258,


Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.

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