A Working History of Things to Come: Paintings by Eric Hudgins

"Cecropian" by Eric Hudgins.




Laku's Studio and Garage


Hudgins is a Shelbyville-based artist who, in a good number of paintings on

display here, matches his fertile imagination with his technique. In

"Convergences" you can see a Daliesque dreamscape complete with a chessboard plain

receding to the horizon. Other elements, such as a lizard hatching from a light

bulb, are more original—a convergence of nature and technology that he

attempts (unnecessarily, I think) to explain in the notes that he places

underneath this painting. Some of the finer details in said painting seem not

as well fleshed out as they could be, and lack a certain

three-dimensionality. In other paintings, however, Hudgins is firing on

all cylinders. "Nectar" shows a bird drinking out of a straw connected to a human

heart, linking mankind and nature. In "Cecropian," composed with oil, ink, and

graphite, he creates a stunning portrait from above of a mutant cecropia moth

based on a drawing that he had begun in high school. In this painting, in

particular, you see a stunning convergence of concept and technique. Through

May 31; 317-270-8258.


Arts Editor

Dan Grossman is NUVO's arts editor.