"The funny new MTV reality show Adventures in HollyHood (April 5, 10 p.m.), which follows the exploits of the Oscar-winning rap group Three 6 Mafia, is basically The Black Beverly Hillbillies. So …

Tell you all a story about a man named DJ Paul

He and Juicy J won an Academy Award

Kinfolk said, “Hey, J’s, wouldn’t it be good

To take your raps from Memphis and move out to Hollywood.”

La-La Land. Tinseltown.

So they packed up the Rolls-Royce and they headed out of town

Their posse in the backseat weighin’ the car down

They drive deep into Cali and what do they see?

Lots of stuff you don’t get in Tennessee.

Palm trees. Short skirts. Goldfish ponds in their backyard.

They write a new song for Jackass Number 2

Then they go and play it for Johnny Knoxville and his crew

They pull up at the club to try to meet some folks

But all that’s there are leeches and some fake-breasted dopes.

Juicy’s dad says, “Meet the neighbors,” so they print up some fliers:

“Come over to our house tonight and have some wings of fire”

They cook a mess o’ food up, but no one cares to show

Except a really white woman who calls herself Fern.

Lily white. Never heard of Dave Chappelle. Or Tyra Banks.

Fern says to ’em, “Fellas, if you wanna tame this town

You gotta wear nice suits and slow your music down.”

They say, “Tell you what, Fern, we can do the job.

Listen to this: It’s called ‘Slob on the Knob.’”

It’s about blowjobs. And butt-licking.

Fern says she loves it and they say, “We made a friend.”

I’d like to tell you more, but that’s where the debut ends.

But I’ll be back next week for more, let me tell you, dude

Watching Three 6’s Adventures in HollyHood.

Fish out of the water. Funny stuff."


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