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Review: Siskind and Inger at Gallery 924

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Review: Siskind and Inger at Gallery 924

Sofiya Inger, "Dwellings"

Ellie Siskind has a number of paintings in acrylic in Seeking Shelters, her collaborative show with Sofiya Inger at Gallery 924, that portray bars as a source of solace. But in “Bad Company,” you’re reminded that sitting down at the wrong barstool can sometimes land you with a concussion. In this stylized depiction, you see a man reaching for another’s jugular, a thick arm against a lime green backdrop.

Siskind’s a painter capable of going for your jugular; witness her portraits of Klansmen and serial murderers, featured in previous shows. Her recent work, however, has been more focused on the intimate moments that people are able to find in the midst of the maelstrom.

Inger also often focuses on darkness in peoples’ lives, though her work is tempered with a brighter palette than that used in some of her older work. She’s also interested these days in painting on just about any surface she comes across.

Inger uses a found surface incorporating pressed plants and fabric in “Dwellings,” painting fantastical figurative imagery with colors ranging from bright yellow to blood red. Its setting might be a wheat field in her native Russia or somewhere closer to home; regardless, it's a place that will provide pleasant shelter for a while. Through March 30 at Gallery 924.

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