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Review: Katrina Murray at Circle City Industrial Complex

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Review: Katrina Murray at Circle City Industrial Complex

Katrina Murray, "Society of Beings"

Sometimes verging on abstraction, sometimes photo-real, Katrina Murray's work is always full of ideas, always intellectually stimulating. Her new, largely abstract work is no different. Murray was thinking about particles when she created these pieces — specifically the subatomic particles being smashed together at insane speeds in the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest particle accelerator.

"What other things would collide and make particles?" she asked me rhetorically during my First Friday visit. "For example, an argument might make a language particle." Murray explores that idea in a group of small canvases, each of which depicts a single particle — a bug particle and a gun particle among them.

And in "A Society of Particles," you see a number of such particles, in close proximity, on the same canvas, each with its own unique color and form. (These depictions make me question using the term "abstract" to define her work — maybe particles don't look abstract to fellow particles.)

The process of composition is worth noting in her new work: sometimes she finger paints or scrapes the paint to achieve desired effects. A couple of her new paintings are unfinished — part of the fun of visiting her studios is that you can see her works in progress. (To schedule an appointment email

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