Web exclusive: American Shakespeare Center Tour a palpable hit



“Henry V”

5 stars

American Shakespeare Center on Tour

Christian Theological Seminary

Thursday, Feb. 28

A palpable hit. We entered the well that’s the theater at CTS in time to see members of the cast of “Henry V” slapping out a rocking version of the Clash’s “London Calling” on acoustic guitars. This busking set the tone for the ASC’s briskly-staged version of one of the Bard’s most riveting history plays.

Directed by Giles Block of London’s Globe Theatre, the production made the most of the thrust arena, effectively recreating the sound, sight and warm-blooded electricity of Elizabethan theater.

The cast, led by Evan Hoffman as Prince Hal, was splendid in multiple roles.

A warm thanks to the English Department of IUPUI for sponsoring this residency, which also includes a performance of “The Merchant of Venice.”

Catch the “Piercing Eloquence” tour on these dates:

American Shakespeare Center's "Piercing Eloquence" Tour: "Henry V"

March 1, 7 p.m. $10.

American Shakespeare Center's "Piercing Eloquence" Tour: "The Merchant of Venice"

March 2, p.m. $10.

For tickets, e-mail English@iupui.edu or call 317-274-9841. To learn more about the ASC, visit http://www.americanshakespearecenter.com.



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