Review: Pilobolus at the Tarkington

A comic moment from "The Particle Zoo."

5 stars

The Tarkington at the Center for the Performing Arts; Oct. 1

Opening with the exuberant, physical "The Particle Zoo," we witness three men, comfortable with each other, who

don't readily make room to include a fourth who desperately wants "in." It's a

witty exploration of personal needs, trust in others and rejection. When it

looks like the floor of the stage is juggling bodies you know you've been

transported into a different level of dance performance.

"The Transformation" totally changes

pace as a quiet silhouette work during which a young woman undergoes a series

of changes until she isn't what she was.

The third piece, "Kokoroko," was explained during the after-show Q&A with the

company as a Japanese word meaning something 'rolling constantly.' The Pilobolus website states, "We are creating a world of

surreal physicality that is interested in the making and unmaking of heroes."


Act two opened with "Duet," brought

back after a decade of absence to celebrate Pilobolus'

40th anniversary. Two women, whose tender caring for each other

suddenly erupts into a power struggle, have to find their way back to a

nurturing love. Relational at its core, is it equally a metaphor with what we

face in daily struggles for unity with self?

The program closed with "Rushes,"

which thrusts us into a community of misfits whose fractured dreams are

manifested into repetitive anxiety. Humor and pathos line up and encircle like

a clutter of white chairs.

Delivering exceptional performances

were Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern, Winston Dynamite Brown, Mat Del Rosario, Eriko Jimbo, Jordan Kriston, Jun Kuribayashi and Nile H. Russell.

Pilobolus last was seen at Clowes with a

different company of dancers.


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