Review: Paired Down and ESW

A portion of the Motus dance troop.

3 stars

Motus Dance Theatre, White Rabbit,

March 18-19.

Motus choreographers plumb intellectual

and emotional themes for dancers to express through relationships

with each other within the intimate White Rabbit space. The dance

style, generally architectural and punchy, is sometimes softened to a

sense of flowing evolvement, as in Stefanie Squint’s fragile

“Flutter of Anticipation” set to Pink Martini’s

pulsating layerings of violin, vocals, percussion and brass.

Emergence, life, closure without

complaint. It’s a work enjoyed from a previous concert, as was

Sara-Yanney-Chantansombut’s “Formerly Rose” solo

danced by Michelle Buchanan with greater attention to the subtleties

of music by Kate Lamont and Devon Ashley.

Buchanan, as choreographer, carries her

closer listening to Lamont into her reworked “Formerly Syrah”

giving the five dancers a greater sense of urgency and tension,

turning seeming defeat into personal triumph.

The third Lamont-based piece, “Formerly

Pink Moscato” was a restaging of Lauren Beirne’s work for

6-dancers dressed for a party, shedding purses and shoes to shake it

and strut off. Katelin Ryan restaged “This is (not) Me”

to music by Adam Crawley with cleaner relationships between three

pairs as alter egos of self, with a whimsical, flirtatious ending.

Buchanan choreographed and danced in “What Lies (Ahead),”

a new self-searching duet (with Jenny Thomas), set to violin and

accordion music by Miss Murgatroid and Petra Haden.

Full enjoyment of the program was

impeded by the much too loud sound. Lamont’s trademark floating

sense of melody above a solid rhythmical foundation especially

deserves a quieter playback. The fusion group ESW, playing between

dances was a welcoming calm between the audio blasts. See:


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