Review: Compania Flamenca

Compania Flamenca performed at The Palladium Wednesday night.

4 stars

The Palladium, Oct. 12.

This troupe of eight dancers, two singers and four

musicians took us on an invigorating tour of Spain via traditional flamenco. Choreographer

Jose Porcel meshes his superb work as a ballet dancer with a close feeling for

the "customs and experiences of the Andalusian people." The drama sweeps you in

as bodies enact the stories of relationships, desire, longing, humor. Highly

percussive footwork is mesmerizing while torso, hands, arms and head are

seductive and haughty and daring.

Ten separate pieces exuded different levels of

emotion. With "Gypsy Fire," a solo improvisation, Porcel took our breath way

with staccato tapping, swirls and turns, stopping in mid movement to play with

the audience as if a bull fighter. Clothing becomes part of the action of the

dance, used to tantalize, flirt, and express anger and bravado. Everything is

interwoven to relate an evocative story.


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