Review: Blue Metallica at Lucas Oil Stadium

Blue Metallica

3 ½



School of Ballet. Blue of a different dimension took to the field at Lucas Oil

Stadium on Sept. 12 during the 6:00 p.m. intermission at the Drum Corp

International Quarterfinals. The 14-member Indianapolis School of Ballet young

dancers troupe, clad in shimmering metallic blue costumes sparked with gathered

flounces, moved from the end zone to a drop and crawl at the 30-yard line.

There, they massed into a circle mid-field, spontaneously erupting into wave

upon wave of movements in groupings of fours and threes and twos — all to

music by Cirque du Soleil.


Scott Jovovich's concept of people exploring a new environment, experiencing

individual parts of space for the first time felt on-the-spot real as the

dancers acclimated to the squishy feel of turf underfoot. The wonderment was in

the diversity of movement with no repetitions of a given routine and the

costumes by Loukia Finale. The crowd whooped and cheered.


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