Intermedia Festival Concert 2: Dance & Telematic

Vocalist Pamela Z was among the performers at last weekend's Intermedia Festival.

4 stars

IMCPL, April 23

Intermedia is to

multimedia what cell phones are to tin cans with string in terms of technology

and communication. For the first part of the program we were in the presence of

live dancers from Butler University at IMCPL and, through computer technology,

dancers performing at Florida State University. Through a seamless manipulation

unknown to this reviewer, the screens could project both companies seemingly

dancing in the same space at the same time. This effect in itself boggles the

mind and begs attention from watching the live bodies on the floor of the

auditorium to watching the screens. One is so busy absorbing the wonderment of

technology it takes away from the wonderment of the choreography and the

dancers. Required are a new vocabulary to express what one witnesses and a

selective way of looking. It's an exploding universe of audio and visual

stimulation and simulation—exciting, scary, amazing. It leaves one reeling.

Choreographers Cynthia Pratt from Butler and Tim Glenn from Florida State

earned applause for the collaboration, which included projection design and

live-feed video. Dance Kaleidoscope closed the program, taking a remembered,

sedately lyrical "Writing on the Great Wall" into this very much smaller space

set on very different music, heightening the drama with musicians projected on

the screen above the dancers. Translated into "Skywriting," this new work had a

feel of frenzy—some of the virtuosity was not crashing into walls. The

IUPUI Telematic Ensemble made it all come together. One feels breathless as if

cloned or hovering above a bubble in two places. An out-of-bodiness from the

seat propels one into the screen—are we indeed Alice down the rabbit-hole?

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